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Generalizing business analysis access at Sanofi

Providing a summarized and dynamic sales analysis to business analysts and other key stakeholders at Sanofi.

The business impact

2000+ possible country/product combinations
100% automated analysis, understandable by all
3 weeks only to roll-out the solution in production

The business challenge

Sanofi wanted to generate a highly summarized and dynamic sales analysis on all products and countries compared to market performance but also to generate specific analysis for recently launched drugs.

The written insight needed to:

  • be understandable by all to facilitate access to sales and market analyses by more stakeholders within the company than just business analysts
  • be integrated into Sanofi's existing dashboard

The NLG solution

Based on a live input data for any combination of country/product or area/product, Yseop's NLG solution is able to generate a short and understandable business insight.

Through the Yseop API, the solution is fully integrated in Sanofi's in-house data visualization tool.

This very powerful tool will revolutionize the access to BI analysis results by our collaborators. Moktar Diallo Global Business Intelligence Lead