AI Uncovered: Episode Two with Emmanuel Walckenaer (NLG reimagining scientific writing)

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Reshaping Scientific Writing with Generative AI

Episode two features Emmanuel Walckenaer, the CEO of Yseop. Yseop is reimagining the future of scientific writing through generative AI solutions. The company’s mission is to get medicine into the hands of those who need it, faster and at scale. Tim and Emmanuel shares insights on the state of natural language generation (NLG) today and the roots of the technology. Additionally, they discuss how generative AI is automating parts of the clinical document landscape and why the tech is helping scientific writers be more productive.

“In the next five years, 80% of the life sciences industry will be using this type of AI”

Yseop · Emmanuel Walckenaer – “In the next 5 years, 80% of the life sciences industry will be using this type of AI”

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About AI Uncovered

AI Uncovered is our new podcast, made for technology enthusiasts by technology experts. It explores the intersection of generative AI, machine learning, and innovation across regulated industries including the latest buzzwords like ChatGPT.

With the AI software market projected to reach $14 trillion by 2030, each episode features compelling conversations with different innovators across a variety of industries.

Hosted by Executive VP of Product at Yseop, Tim Martin leads a global team and uses his expertise to manage the wonderful world of product.

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