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NLG is the Future of Intelligent Report Automation

Make better-informed decisions about IRA.

Yseop’s Augmented Analyst solution provides fast, scalable, democratized Intelligent Report Automation (IRA). A scalable, no-code platform designed to allow non-technical users within financial services and pharma companies to rapidly create and deploy IRA. Proven track record with some of the largest financial and pharma companies around the world in handling multiple, complex data sources to produce sophisticated outcomes puts Yseop in a position of the market leader you can trust.


Check out this white paper by technology research and consulting firm Omdia to find out:

✅ Is IRA the right approach for your organization?

✅ What is the near-term market and mid-term forecast for IRA evolution over the next 3–5 years

✅ How to launch a successful and scalable project with IRA?



Download the white paper here.