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Pharma Webinar: How Augmented Medical Writer accelerate drug to patients thanks to AI.

What are we talking about? Pharmaceutical Innovation.
When are pharmaceutical organizations harnessing automation? Now

Reducing time to market for new drug introductions has never been more crucial. Getting new drugs approved is a long and wearisome process that leaves no room for mistakes, as they can be costly. AI can dramatically help speed up these processes, while improving accuracy.
Generating Clinical Study Reports (CSRs) is a very tedious step before submitting new drugs for approval, taking weeks and in some cases months to introduce fully to market. Automating CSR writing with AI-based technologies such as machine learning and Natural Language Processing saves significant time, reducing report writing times by an average of 30%.
In the webinar hosted by Emmanuel Walckenaer, CEO of Yseop and pharma expert Jean Luc Schmidt to learn how pharmaceutical organizations are harnessing AI to solve some of the challenges of introducing new drugs.

- Presentation of Cognizant and Yseop and the Augmented Medical Writer
- The challenges pharmaceutical companies face when launching a new drug
- The benefit of a global approach to standardize and streamline workflows with Intelligent Automation


Join us as we unpack this AI Automation use case, and spark your organization automation journey on September 21st!

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